Definition of Done helps to align scrum team members on an agreement as when a product backlog item can be called as completed. Shared understanding of this alignment increases the transparency and can be assessed to determine the completion of product increment.

Scrum team uncovers and learn new things every sprint which may have an impact on its definition of done necessitating to reflect it in the artefact. Henceforth, Scrum team must inspect its definition of done every Sprint retrospective to accommodate this new learning failing which will impede the transparency


weeks. Hence couldnt concentrate on this Blog.

In the last few days, i have picked up Asian Paints/Infy/TCS as for a period of 1 -3 months.

Reason is Asian paints had a technical Support at 790 and i picked it at 800 after it tested the support multiple times and bounced from there.  Also lower crude price means good for Asian paints. I had squared it off at 850 just before few days and bought UPL at 436- I will be adding few more to UPL at 400 levels for a target of 480

Infy/TCS have been picked as dollar would appreciate which will have improved profits for Export oriented companies- Hence I picked up Infy/TCS at 1060 and 2400 levels. I will be adding on dips and planned to hold it until the quarterly results

L and T posted quarterly results on Friday, Oct 30 which is not what Market had expected. Adding to this, they have revised their order inflow guidance by more than 50% —5 to 7% from 15%. Also the revenue growth guidance to 12.5% from 15%. Shares have tanked by more than 4% and hit 52 week low of 1400 before closing at 1410.

I have been buying some chunks of shares since morning for every 20Rs fall and bought 38 shares at average of 1435. The warning and results appears some more pain left in the Larsen. I will be averaging if the stock falls at around 1200 or so which is rare possibility. Trade has been initiated for a quick gain of 5% atleast over a 3 -4 weeks horizon.It means am looking for a minimal target of 1510. Decision will be revised time to time as per market conditions.


The attached chart looks scary as 38% retracement is around 1417 and its at threat.The next support is at 1123.  Given the recent massive breakdown and being a bluechip I believe there are lots of chances for stock to bounce back by 10% . But always MARKET IS SUPREME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next pick on Friday, 30th October is Ashok Leyland.  This is PURELY Cyclical pick. Reason is usually the Auto stocks fire during the Festival season on account of Navaratri and Deepavali. There will be an increase in sales because of people buying during Festival season. Also there was a 50 BPS rate cut positive for auto sector. With October sales figure due on 01/02 November and quarterly results due on 04Nov, I picked 500 Ashok Leyland at 93.40 average. I am waiting for a minimum 10% bounce from here..


As seen from the chart Ashok Leyland is bullish and stiff resistance at 99 – Expecting it to take out with ease provided the sales figure are excellent. Being almost a debt free stock I might even consider this as a multibagger in portfolio.  Situation will be revisited time to time.

PaperTrade- ITC Short CE

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I had a look at the charts. There is a resistance at 364 levels. I will be shorting the 355 CE at 364. It should be somewhere around 14 where I will short for a target of 7 Intraday.

Paper Trade- SAIL Short

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I had a look at the charts. It appears SAIL has a resistance at 58. I am doing a paper trade to short at 58 to cover at 56.7 intraday. All spot levels. Any close above 58.2 will be SL

Paper Trade- HCL Tech Options

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I have found a unique strategy of Trading. This involves a predefined rules of identifying the share and tracking it for sometime. This also involves only WRITING CE or PE according to their position. Also, I will be using a mix of indicators to identify the Spot price to Write the corresponding CE/PE.

I would like to test the strategy before I implement it. On this, I see HCL will be a suitable candidate to do this. Being expiry week, its difficult to identify the option price at the moment. But my best guess would be Oct 860 CE would be at around 25 or 26 when HCL is at around spot price of 880. It would go down to 22 to 23 levels on Wednesday for the same Spot.

To Summarise, I will be looking to short 860 CE at 25 level for a quick 10 points gain Intraday. SL would be if HCL closes above 880 that day.

HCL Intraday chart

added on 04th Nov

Chart Added on 04 Nov

Infosys came up with a spectacular result last Monday 12th October during Market hours. It was a see saw moment with Infosys climbing up and down till the results were announced shortly after the market opened as against the original schedule of 845 AM IST.

Market welcomed the quarterly results with a quick fierce upmove  of 5% and hitting a 52 week high of 1220 in less than few seconds. But within few minutes the new of CFO resigning and a downward revision of guidance has been announced. Market has a tendency of punishing the bad news quickly and saw infosys slipping into red quickly and closing the day with Approx 4% loss , down almost 10% from days high.

It was followed by series of red candles on a daily chart. My analysis shown below indicates a strong support of 1060 and a resistance of 1145.

Infosys Daily Chart

I have shorted at 1090 levels but unfortunately the infosys ADR on Friday, 16th Oct is up by 3%. I am hoping that Monday will be a green day followed by red candles and see my target of 1060 reaching this week. I will be a buyer around 1060 at this point but will be buying aggressively there after any falls.